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Fantastic deal, play awsome games, win awsome prizes!
and it's one of the reason I am able to bring you all these pages :)
I've already won a digutal camera, vcr, shower radio, and a radar detector,
not to mention several cash prizes playing blowout bingo :)

Fantastic deal, get play games, win prizes!

Hello, my name is Shannon. ICQ# 599360 and i'm currently

E-mail me any questions, or if you want to ask about me
designing a custom card specially for you :)
i'll be happy to help :)

Hold your shift key and click on the thumbnail to save.

These are the full size printable versions.

This is my current favorite 3 cards i've made, i hope you like :)

these graphics come from Shabby-Blue.

I e-mailed him for permission to use the graphics, but as of yet have not gotten a reply.

his site is awsome, though many adult oriented materials.

well wworth a check out. :)

p.s. the njo cool figure spot was created by west.

this card template is dan sparks's .

the hoth luke character comes from savrip's .

the spirit of ben character comes from KAP'S.

the vintage card comes loosely from dave's template.

the force commander card comes from nigel jukes template.

the power of the force card comes from craig dalahay. template.

the crimson empire card comes from steve chester's template.

the redneck cards i came up with at work for fun, first the template, and then a card :)

and knowing how much every one loves jar-jar, thought he needed a card :)

here are a couple more templates :)

these many cards templates are warren harold's .

the dancer's character comes from bounty hunter's .

the green cars template is KAP'S.

back to the welcome page :)